Wayne Ellington Hopes To Bring ‘A Long-Range Threat’ To Mavs


The Dallas did a lot of things poorly last season, but they still managed to shoot the three point ball well.

The Mavericks have a reputation for shooting and making a lot of threes, and 2013 figures to be no exception.  Dallas went out and signed Monta Ellis and Jose Calderon.

Wayne Ellington was also signed as a free agent, told Mavs.com that “he hopes to bring a long range threat to the team this season.”

“You know, Wayne is important, because knock-down shooting has become such a major part of this league and you’ve got to have guys that have to be guarded on the perimeter,” Carlisle explained when Ellington and the Mavs’ new additions were introduced to the Dallas fans and media last month.

“I’m bringing a long-range threat, and I’m a guy that’s going to work really hard on the defensive end of the floor,” Ellington added when addressing his role with the team during an interview with Mavs.com. “I’m a team player, unselfish, and I want to win. That’s what’s most important to me.”

Ellington shot 39.2 percent from three-point distance last season, and should have no problem getting open looks with Ellis and Nowitzki spreading the floor.