Who’s Next For Floyd Mayweather?

Danny Garcia KO of Amir Khan

This is a good news/bad news situation for Floyd Mayweather.

The good news he will make a ton of money off beating Canelo Alvarez, the bad news is that Canelo was seen as his biggest threat and he beat him so convincingly, it is going to be hard to get the viewing public to pay for future PPVs.

Part of the reason people watch Mayweather fight besides his brilliance is the off chance that he might lose and they don’t want to miss it, but looking over the landscape now, no one really poses a real threat to him. Which is why I believe when it is all said done in May of 2014 he won’t face Danny Garcia, but Amir Khan.

Two things should be made clear.

1- There is no guarantee that Khan will even make it past Devon Alexander in December.

2- He doesn’t deserve a Mayweather fight.

But, this is when Boxing Politics come into play. While Danny Garcia is a much more deserving opponent (he beat Khan), he just won’t bring in any additional revenue to the promotion. Khan is still big in Britain and the Brits spend money. Doesn’t matter if the fight is in Vegas or Wembley Stadium, they will come. Khan doesn’t a fanbase as rabid as Ricky Hatton once did, but it is a much more attractive fanbase than Garcia or Devon Alexander.

We have a long way to go before a decision has to be made, but don’t be shocked if it is Khan that gets the next chance to attempt crack the Mayweather code.

One thought on “Who’s Next For Floyd Mayweather?

  • I don’t care how popular Khan is, he is a joke! Mayweather will school him just like he did Guerrero. Danny Garcia is the best opponent. He might not beat Mayweather, but Garcia is no tomato can.

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