Will Muschamp Rants About ‘Inaccurate’ Media Reporting (Video)

Will Muschamp Crazy

Will Muschamp got a little sensitive over “inaccurate” reporting about his team. What was the huge deal that cause this rant? On Friday night, the Palm Beach Post, Gator Country, and the Gainesville Sun all reported that Loucheiz Purifoy, Darious Cummings, Latroy Pittman, Quinteze Williams, Antonio Morrison, and Jay-nard Bostwick were suspended for the game. So six Gators were suspended for the season opener. There was some sort of mix up and Bostwick was not suspended.

Here is the rant

Here is a thought though coach. Instead of continuing this ridiculous trend of announcing suspensions just before kickoff or the night before a game, do it early in the week and we don’t run into this problem. Muschamp comes off as a childish bully in this and needs to apologize.

One thought on “Will Muschamp Rants About ‘Inaccurate’ Media Reporting (Video)

  • Instead of worrying about the media, Muschamp should worry about how bad the Gators played yesterday!

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