Woman And Possible Groupie Crash Lebron’s Wedding


Lebron and his ride or die Savannah Brinson were married this past weekend in a lavish ceremony in San Diego, California. We’ve reported that Lebron’s teammates were in attendance along with Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce who performed at the reception.

With all that fabulousness inside there was some messiness outside. Allegedly what was described as a “Latina Groupie” tried to crash Bron Bron and Savannah’s wedding. The woman, who was not named or photographed, claimed she knew Lebron and wanted to say her peace. Fortunately, the groupie couldn’t make it past the armed security guards and was forcibly removed without disturbing guests inside.

So sad and pitiful. If this is true, I have one piece of advice for the thirst bucket.  Bird please fly back wherever you came from, you’re giving all women a bad name.

In another story, there was reportedly another woman who crashed Lebron’s wedding and this lady got in and even took a picture with Coach Spo.

Meredith Kaloogian, an aspiring investigative reporter, says she was able to make her way past top notch security into the event. Although she didn’t give details on the ceremony or reception, she did say that it was filled with love.

If Kaloogian really made it into the ceremony, I would love to know how.

Woman Crashes Lebron James Wedding