Yankees ‘Absolutely’ Considering Playing Mariano Rivera At Centerfield


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As we bid Mariano Rivera goodbye on the mound, we may be welcoming him to centerfield…at least for an inning.

Joe Girardi confirmed that he is ‘absolutely’ considering playing Mariano Rivera at centerfield for an inning in Houston.

The team will embark on their final series of the season this weekend, a 3 game stint against the Houston Astros. Rivera has been shagging fly balls during batting practice his entire career…he infamously tore his ACL doing so last season. His teammates over the years have attested he is the best athlete on the team, and can shag down fly balls with the best of them.

Girardi also confirmed that Rivera will pitch Thursday regardless of the score, in what will be his last home game. The reason why he won’t play centerfield in that game is because the game is meaningful for the Rays.

The Astros vs Yankees game are meaningless in the standings.

H/T: CBS Sports