Yankees Fans Stand In Line For Mariano Bobblehead, Get Vouchers Instead

mariano rivera bobblehead


I thought Yankees fans were supposed to be ‘too cool’ to do something this dorky.

Apparently that’s anything but the case, as large crowds of fans came to the stadium well in advance all to be part of the first 18,000 in attendance to get a free Mariano Rivera bobblehead.

Understandably, people go crazy for all things Mo related, especially with his retirement (standing’s wise) just days a way…but still.

Crisis occurred when the Yankees hadn’t yet received their shipment of bobbleheads, and the gates remained closed as they waited for the bobbleheads to arrive. With gametime coming closer and closer the Yankees decided just to give out vouchers to those 18,000.

This certainly is going down as one of the most bizarre seasons for the franchise.

bobble voucher