3 Men Stabbed After Argument Starts Over LeBron vs. Jordan Debate


This seems to be happening way too often around the country.

No one should be getting stabbed over a sports team, but that is what happened in a bar in Pittsburgh according to Deadspin.

Three people were stabbed, including the owner of the bar that was hosting a battle of the bands Saturday night in Harmony Township.

Two men who had just moved here from Maryland showed up and started drinking. One of them began arguing with a patron about an NBA basketball shirt. Eventually, both men began blasting the Penguins and Steelers.

“They don’t like the Penguins and there was some comments made about the Penguins,” said Harmony Township Police Chief Jim Essek. “And then ultimately, it ended up about the Steelers and they’re not Steeler fans.”

Chief Essek says it appears that 35-year-old Michael Landeros and his nephew, 23-year-old Armando Encinas, were looking for trouble.

Police say Encinas had a T-shaped knife between his fingers with a 4-inch blade sticking out. Police believe owner Alex Barlomas was stabbed when he intervened.

“Armando stabbed him in the right chest with this knife,” Essek said.

He says employee Robert Gavulya stepped in and he was stabbed five or six times.

“Basically because he had he knife coming out like this, basically like he was just punching,” Essek said, “every punch was a stab wound.”

When Tim Edwards, a patron, tried to help, he was stabbed in the chest and arm. Landeros also had a knife, but he and Encinas were eventually disarmed and detained by a patron until police arrived.

Amazingly,  the original argument started over a Lebron James and Michael Jordan.

Police Chief Jim Essek said the discussion was about “LeBron James and Michael Jordan, who’s the better basketball player, because one of the guys had a LeBron James shirt on. 

Be careful out there.