A Dwight Howard Documentary Is Being Produced, How Many Kids Will Be Mentioned?


The Dwight Howard Documentary that no one was asking for is coming to a cable channel near you according to SLAM.

The Houston Rockets center is having a documentary produced about his life in the NBA, and it’s due out next spring. Per CSN Houston: “Dwight Howard has teamed with EPIX to offer an exclusive look into his life and path to becoming a megastar. A big part of the original documentary, EPIX Presents Dwight Howard: In the Moment, includes footage of Howard during his recruitment and decision to come to Houston, so that should be of particular interest to Rockets fans. It will also retrace his youth and career path and will help answer the question, ‘who is the real Dwight Howard?’

Who is the real Dwight Howard?

I can confidently say it won’t be the one who is portrayed in this documentary.