A-Rod Fans Show Up At Hearing With ‘No Justice, No Peace’ Signs

Alex Rodriguez


Believe it or not, A-Rod still has a good amount of loyal fans in existence.

Supporters of the disgraced Yankees third baseman showed up outside his hearing Tuesday morning greeting him with cheers and waving Dominican flags. The crowd was comprised of members from Hispanics Across America, who plans to send a message to Selig, arbitrator Frederic Horowitz and Yankees president Randy Levine.

Some of the more memorable signs of the day read ‘Randy Levine is the devil’ and ‘No Justice, No Peace’.

Slightly overkill on the part of the protesters, but one could understand the anger towards the harsh suspension sentence.

HAA President Fernando Mateo stated the following for why they’re protesting MLB’s decision, via NY Daily News :

“A-Rod has been drug tested more than any Major League Player and has never tested positive for the use of steroids. Randy Levine and the NY Yankees are responsible for this unfair 211 game suspension.”

Protests are planned to go on for the rest of the week, with a possible 24-hour vigil in front of MLB headquarters–seriously.

Good luck with that.