A-Rod Says He Didn’t Know He Was Taking A Banned Substance

arod hearing


Let’s give A-Rod an ‘A’ for effort.

Sources close to the situation have reported that A-Rod and his legal team are building his case around the fact he thought the substances he had procured from the Biogenesis clinic were legal and innocent.

This story conflicts that of PED peddler mastermind Anthony Bosch, who spent part of Monday and nearly all of Tuesday testifying before a 3-person panel which will decide A-Rod’s fate.

During Bosch’s testimony, as part of his agreement to work side by side with MLB in their investigation, he poured through stacks of Biogenesis documents and electronic communications with A-Rod. MLB believes this reveals a ‘deep’ dealer-source relationship. The thinking is, if A-Rod thought these substances were legit and legal than why were they so expensive and why was the transactions so secretive.

On Wednesday A-Rod’s team will begin breaking down Bosch’s testimony and stripping him of his credibility. The team is trying to make a case that MLB paid off Bosch for evidence and offered to drop their lawsuit against him if he cooperates.

A-Rod is using an excuse which was perfected by the best of the ‘bunch’ by crying ignorance. A-Rod is totally within his right to challenge the suspension if he feels there was negligence, but knowing A-Rod it seems more like an excuse.

This is just the beginning of what will be another Barry Bonds/Roger Clemens situation, perhaps only intensified given A-Rod’s flair for the dramatic.

H/T: NY Daily News