A-Rod Supporters Deny Getting Paid To Protest On His Behalf

arod hearing


The possibility of A-Rod hiring people to stand around holding signs singing his praises is too ‘A-Rod’ a thing for even A-Rod.

Today speculation ran rampant that the throng of A-Rod supporters outside his hearing were paid to do so. When this tweet by the NY Daily News surfaced, folks began to wonder

The protesters in question have vehemently denied being paid off, citing a numerous amount of reasons for being there to support the embattled Yankees slugger.

Yes, free food was one of the incentives. Others claimed to have showed up after seeing the buzz in the news about the hearing.

So paid, or not paid? Either way, I find it hard to understand why a group of grown-ups are so willingly invested in a man who clearly cares nothing about them, but it’s a free country.

H/T: USA Today