A-Rod’s Supporters Seek Donations To Continue Protesting 211 Game Ban

Alex Rodriguez


This is hilariously sad.

A-Rod’s possibly paid for protesters who’ve been loyally picketing outside MLB offices through the appeal of the 211-game ban doled down are now seeking donations.

Believe it or not, the supporters of a man who’s made almost half a billion dollars are a little strapped for cash and want others to help foot the bill. Hispanics Across America (HAA) created a website: www.supporta-rod13.com which is pandering for donations starting at $50 going all the way to $1,000 to “stop the injustice regarding the 211 game suspension”.

Let’s just stop beating around the bush and say it: these people are crazy and have no lives. They’re about as hilariously delusional as Rodriguez himself, but it’s sad because unlike A-Rod they don’t have hundreds of millions to wallow about in. These people have neglected their day jobs to be a pawn in this soap opera. Heaven help them.

Oh, and the donations supposedly go for things like t-shirts and sharpy markers to make said delusional posters.