Adrian Peterson Says O-Line is in a Bit of a Funk


To be frank, last year was a bit of a fluke for the Vikings. Running for 2000 yards rarely happens in the NFL and has never been done twice by any running back.

To assume Peterson would be able to do that again and carry the team was a bit naive. You have to have a consistent quarterback to win in the NFL and right now the Vikings don’t and that is why they are losing. Peterson was careful with his words, but you can see he is frustrated.

“It was definitely tough sledding,” Peterson said. “We just really couldn’t get anything established up front, and that’s where everything starts. We’re just kind of out of whack.

“One thing I’m going to stress on is being more physical as an offensive unit,” Peterson said. “Definitely be more physical. We were more physical last year. And that’s one thing that stands out this year.”

“It’s a struggle and I’ve seen these guys before and I know they can do it,” Peterson said. “They’re just kind of in a funk.”

The offensive line couldn’t get into any type of rhythm because they simply didn’t run the ball enough. That is a coaching issue that will need to be address.