Adrian Peterson’s Baby Mama Still Working as a Stripper (Photos)


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Erica Syion, the mother of one of Adrian Peterson’s sons, has recently made headlines when she came forward to announce that Adrian in fact had 7 total children that she was aware of. It was also reported by TMZ that Erica was a former exotic dancer from Dallas, TX. However, it seems that this may not entirely be true.


About two weeks ago, Erica posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account, where she was wearing a bedazzled bikini top typically worn by exotic dancers when they perform at their place of employment. In addition to this, one of her adoring fans commented that he was “in [her] spot with [his] boys last night.” Now, I would think that it’s highly unlikely that Erica is allowing random men to come to her home late at night with her young son there, so it appears obvious that Erica is still stripping at a club in Atlanta. Sources close to Erica claims that the club is the popular gentleman’s club Onyx.




No one is judging Syion for choosing stripping as her profession. That’s her choice completely. However, it is very curious why Syion has chosen to let the world think that she is no longer a stripper. Peterson has yet to comment on Syion or anything she has said thus far.

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  • she still working as a stripper?who care.

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