Aldon Smith Facing Felony Weapons Charges

FILE: 49ers Aldon Smith Arrested

49ers linebacker Aldon Smith is facing three charges of felony possession of assault weapons that go back to the 2012 house party where one person was stabbed and two others were shot. According to NBC Bay Area:

Details of the civil suit accuse Smith of firing weapons and owning illegal firearms. The lawsuits said Smith’s party was advertised on the Internet and ended with guests running from his house after a series of shots were fired.

Smith seems to not be able to catch a break these days. Yeah these things are self inflicted to a large degree but he is currently still at a rehab facility to help with a substance abuse problem. This is the last thing he needs to be dealing with right now.

Check out the weapons he had.

Ammunition, magazines, and five rifles including —  an Armalite AR10-T .308 caliber rifle, a Bushmaster ACR rifle chambered for 5.56mm NATO and a Bushmaster Carbon-15 .223 caliber.

*Update* The 49ers have released a statement.