Amir Khan Declines to Fight Devon Alexander


This isn’t surprising, it doesn’t mean that he will get the Floyd Mayweather fight in the spring, what it means is he isn’t going to take any chances.

There was no guarantee he would beat Alexander, in fact Alexander would have been the favorite. Here is what Golden Boy President Richard Schaefer had to say.

Khan declined to sign for the fight and won’t fight for the rest of the year.

Schaefer would not give a reason for Khan’s withdrawal and would not talk about the Mayweather rumors either.

“I am saying [Alexander-Khan] is not happening and I’m going to be exploring some other opportunities for Amir,” Schaefer said. “That’s all I am prepared to say and I have nothing to say about Floyd Mayweather.

Alexander will have to take a much lower profile fight for a lot less money against Shawn Porter in San Antonio.