Amir Khan Shoots Down Mayweather Rumors; Devon Alexander’s Trainer Not Buying It

Danny Garcia KO of Amir Khan

Sometimes what is right morally, isn’t what is right financially. That is the situation that Amir Khan is currently in. Yesterday, a report came out that it was a done deal for him to fight Floyd Mayweather on May 3rd, 2014. If that was true then the long proposed fight between Khan and Devon Alexander on December 7th wouldn’t happen.

Khan who has done nothing to deserve a shot at Floyd Mayweather besides having the ability to bring British fans to Vegas, rightfully is looking for what is best for his bank account.

Before we get to that, Khan tried to slow down the rumors a bit, but Devon Alexander’s trainer doesn’t believe a word of it.

“Team Khan would like to dispel recent reports that Amir Khan has pulled out of a potential matchup against Devon Alexander on Dec. 7th, taking up a fight against Floyd Mayweather in May of next year instead,” Khan’s statement said. “Contrary to this story, Amir Khan is currently in training camp in San Francisco with the aim of fighting again in December against Alexander once an agreement can be reached.”

That sounds good, but an irate Kevin Cunningham, Alexander’s manager and trainer, told he didn’t buy it.

“I’ve been told by my people the Khan situation is probably not happening so I don’t know what they’re talking about,” Cunningham said.

“We’ve spent the last three months focusing on Amir Khan. I’ve watched tons of footage and been talking to Devon about preparing for him. As far as I’m concerned, Khan is putting that statement out to make it look it like they have the intent to fight Devon, but at this moment we still have no deal. They’re not going to keep screwing around with us. I think the statement is a bunch of BS and that he don’t want to fight Devon.”

Here is the problem for Khan. Devon Alexander is a very good fighter and would be favorite to beat Khan who has struggled against lesser opponents.

If Alexander beat him then no Mayweather fight.

Fighting Alexander would net Khan around a million dollars, fighting Mayweather could net him around $10 million.  You can see why Team Khan doesn’t want to take the risk.

In the end I think Khan won’t take the risk and you will see him in the ring with Mayweather on May 3rd.