Andrew Bynum Participates In Full Court 5-On-5 With Cavs


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Andrew Bynum made history after participating in his first full court five on five with the Cleveland Cavaliers according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. 

Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown says Bynum hasn’t been cleared to play, or take part in a full practice.

“There’s parts of the practice they don’t want him to do,” Brown said, referring to the team’s medical staff. “He hasn’t participated in every aspect of practice all the time.”

Still, the coach stopped short of saying that the fact that Bynum had not taken part in a full practice as of Sunday afternoon would rule him out of playing in Wednesday’s season opener against the visiting Brooklyn Nets.

“I’m not even speculating that,” Brown said Sunday. “What I’m waiting for is the doctors to say he can play. If the doctors say he can play, that’s when I’ll make a decision as to whether or not to play him. But the doctors have not cleared him to play yet.”