Andrew Wiggins Featured In GQ Magazine (Photos)


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Andrew Wiggins GQ

Andrew Wiggins has yet to play a second of college basketball, but the Kansas freshman continues to get the attention of an NBA star already.

Wiggins was recently interviewed by GQ Magazine, where he said that he can’t yet be mentioned in the same sentence as Lebron James and compared his game to Kevin Durant’s.

“Aw, it’s not fair to even say my name in the same sentence as his,” says Wiggins during his first week of classes at Kansas. “I haven’t even played one game of college ball.” Is there another player who’s more comparable? “I like Kevin Durant’s game! Ain’t nothing he can’t do. Shoot. Has a handle. Plays D. Scores at will. Durant, man! Has that killer instinct.”

I can’t wait to see if he lives up to all of this hype on the court.