Are The Dodgers Classless For Their Handling Of Don Mattingly?

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There’s just a certain way you can’t treat legendary players.

With clouds of uncertainty gathering around Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly, one can’t help but ask why the Dodgers are choosing to play tug-o-war  at this stage of his stint as manager.

After being nearly ousted early on into the season, Mattingly’s career was saved after the Dodgers got red hot after All Star Break. The Dodgers made a valiant run in the post season, in which they eventually fell to the Cardinals in 6. Still a great start to a certainly great future for the franchise.

A very loose looking Mattingly gave his final media appearance of the year and bluntly stated, Fox Sports:

“Yeah, I love it here,…I like being here. But I don’t want to be anywhere you’re not wanted.”

Mattingly then added,

“This has been a frustrating, tough year, honestly,…I think when you are in with a club like this, basically as a lame duck, with the payroll and the guys that you have, it puts you in a tough spot in the clubhouse. When you’re put in this position, the organization basically says, ‘We don’t know if you can manage or not.’

“That’s the position I’ve been in all year long. So that’s not a great position for me as a manager. That’s the way the organization wanted it last year. That’s fine. At this point it is what it is.”

Mattingly saw his attempt to get a multi-year contract last year be shut down hastily and this year, he seems to be in no better position to get anything except his 2014 option picked up.  The frustration is understandable, as the Dodgers continue to drag him along with no stability.

Mattingly is unsure if he wants to return to the team, it was made very clear that he’s unhappy given that he stated all that whilst next to Dodgers GM Ned Colletti.

The Dodgers haven’t handled Mattingly well at all,  and the solution is quite simple if you don’t like him just fire him and if you want him give him a stable contract. This situation reflects very poorly on the Dodgers and how they’re handling a legendary player like Mattingly who’s only been class all the way during his playing years, and is a beloved figure.

The Dodgers ‘new money’ ego has seen them forget the meaning of class.


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  • The last time the Dodgers won the world series was 1988. This is the closest they have been since then. If this is the way they treat their manager, I hope the Dodgers lose every single game next season!

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