Attorney For Aaron Hernandez’s Fiancee Says She’s Been Abused By DA


Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee apparently won’t stand for being bullied.

The attorney for Shayanna Jenkins accused Bristol County prosecutors of using “abusive’’ legal tactics in an effort to pressure her into flipping on her fiance, Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez of course is accused of murdering his friend, Odin Lloyd.

Jenkins who is the mother of Hernandez’s child was indicted last week by a Bristol County grand jury on a single count of perjury.

“The government actions in this case are abusive and overreaching,” attorney Janice Bassil said, via theBoston Globe.  “I don’t believe they have sufficient evidence.

“I believe they are just simply trying to add pressure,” Bassil said. “They are trying to pressure her, but perhaps they are also trying to pressure [Hernandez] through her.”

We’ve all seen enough episodes of Law and Order, or the First 48 to understand that the prosecution is hoping that the rough treatment that Jenkins is being subjected to may help them get Hernandez to fess up so that his family doesn’t have to be subjected to such legal tactics.

I have a feeling that Hernandez and those in his inner circle that haven’t flipped will dig in for a fight.

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