Bill Russell Arrested for Having Loaded Gun in Airport

Celtics To Honor Bill Russell.

Russell had a permit for the weapon, but you have to wonder why does Bill Russell needs to be carrying around gun?

Things that make you go hmmmmm….

Legendary NBA center Bill Russell was arrested Wednesday at Sea-Tac Airport when a loaded handgun was allegedly found in his luggage, according to multiple reports.

KING-5 News and KIRO-TV in Seattle both report that Russell, 79, was arrested after a loaded .38-caliber handgun was found during a Transportation Security Administration screening of his carry-on luggage.

Russell has been released and will only face a fine.

One thought on “Bill Russell Arrested for Having Loaded Gun in Airport

  • You ask why Bill Russell might carry a gun, well Bill Russell was terrorized for years by racists especially when he was with the Celtics. They broke in his home, trashed it and even sh!tted in his bed. Some things you never forget…This blog is called black sports on line, the least it should know is the history of Black sports stars.

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