Bob Costas Says ‘Baseball Is Screwed’ If Reds And Rays Make World Series

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Bob Costas’ words may be blunt, but he’s right.

One of the sport’s biggest ambassadors in Bob Costas, has some very harsh words–no offense to the Rays and Reds.

“If Tampa Bay plays Cincinnati in the World Series, I don’t care if the series goes seven games and every game goes into extra innings, baseball is screwed,” Costas told the paper.“That’s not fair to the Rays or the Reds, but it’s true.”

The World Series ratings have been down in recent years, and certainly a matchup of two small market teams without large fanbases may lead to historically low ratings.

With the NBA hot on MLB’s tails to take over as the ‘number 2′ sport MLB cannot afford to be trounced in the ratings yet again.

The sport’s biggest problem in the future is getting the younger generation to embrace it. Baseball isn’t seen as cool or exciting, the old school ways which have made the game what it is are not appealing these days.

Costas’ words may be viewed as exaggerating but it seemed to me that it was a stern warning.



2 thoughts on “Bob Costas Says ‘Baseball Is Screwed’ If Reds And Rays Make World Series

  • The Dodgers and the Yankees could meet in the World Series and MLB would still be screwed. Baseball is not made for television. The sport is too slow. Kids and tv viewers want fast pace action. That’s why we love football and basketball.

  • Want to know another problem baseball has? Most people won’t admit it, but there are too many non-white Americans playing the sport. Again most middle class white Americans won’t admit this, but it’s true!
    Remember, David Stern said in order for the NBA to be successful, we need to create stars. There are no American born big time stars in MLB (Jeter doesn’t count, he is too old).

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