Boston Mayor Wants Red Sox to Bring Home ‘World Series Cup’ (Video)


Boston Mayor Tom Menino needs to learn that’s ok to sometimes just say ‘I don’t know.’ He’s clearly never been a sports fan, and that’s ok. He’s busy running one of the largest metropolitan cities in the United States. However, every time a sports worthy event goes down in Boston, Menino is quick to chime in with something ignorant.

First there was the time when he applauded Varitek for “[splitting] the uprights” and then there was the time he credited “KJ and Hondo” for what they had done for the Celtics. Deadspin is now reporting that Menino has now of course done it again. The Red Sox are in the World Series and Mayor Menino wants them to bring home the “World Series Cup.” Really Mayor? The best part of the video is the reaction of the guy behind him.