BSO Interview: Bernard Hopkins Says He Wants To Be Mayweather’s Final Opponent

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Bernard Hopkins has an announcement for anyone hating on Senior citizens or those over the age of 40 not betting on him to win his October 26 bout against Karo Murat.

He’s going to “kick your ass next.”

The always boisterous Hopkins is a delight to listen to.  Whether you are having a good day, bad day, terrible day, Hopkins will interest you with a story, and you’re gonna listen whether you want to or not.

Hopkins was all business and supremely focused inside of the famed Joe Hand boxing gym on Wednesday afternoon.


How focused is Hopkins right now?

The workout was supposed to begin at 2:00 pm.  Hopkins not wanting to waste time, promptly started the workout at about 1:40.

The beginning of the workout started with a loud and hilarious announcement.  Hopkins wanted to let the media know the secret to his longevity and his new nickname.


Hopkins no longer wants to be referred to as “the Executioner,” and now would like to simply be called “the Alien Man.”

“I’m an alien,” Hopkins stated. “Wait until you see the uniform, come October 26th. I’ll come out in a spaceship. I’m of this world, but I’m out of this world.”

Hopkins looked sharp right from the start of the workout.  He was on point, moving through a circuit of training stations that he called his “carwash,” at a Chip Kelly rate of speed.

Brother Naazim Richardson shouted to Hopkins repeatedly, “no wasted motions champ,” and slow down champ, “train like an old guy.”

Bernard shadow-boxed, worked the mitts, dodged the foam noodles, worked the double-end bag, hit the heavy bag, battered the speed bag, and jumped rope with a fake Rocky Balboa impersonator.

After the speedy workout Hopkins again gave a blistering lecture on how he’s outlasted all those who came before him, and how he plans to be here during the Adrien Broner era as well.

“I’m now in another era because I’ve outlasted so many others.  I outlasted the James Toney era, the Kelly Pavlik era and now I’m in the Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia era.

“There is a negative attributed to being different than everyone else, a negative attributed with being blessed and being able to do what I’m doing.  You have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk or you have haters.

“I am of a new era with an old soul…I represent the old soul of doing things the right way.  Living the right way.  Thinking the right way. Treating my mind, body and soul the right way.

“I know you all have questions to ask me, but there isn’t really that much you can ask me.  Let me do the talking. What can you ask me that you haven’t heard for the last three decades?  What are you going to ask me?  Are you going to win?  Are you ready?  If I’m not, I’m going to show up anyway.

Hopkins being the nice and humble champion he is tried to answer all the questions from media members even as he was running late for an event.

Hopkins as only he can simply said to me, you got one question shoot.

So I asked, what about the Floyd Mayweather Jr. rumors, and are you serious about wanting to face the pound for pound king. 

Hopkins answered as honestly as he could.

“I want to fight Floyd, I want to be the final fight of his career.”

Yes you read that correctly.

 Hopkins wants Floyd in what would be his sixth and final fight on the mega deal he signed with Shotime/CBS.

Hopkins stated that “he would drop down to 154, but more likely 160 to make that fight happen.”  Bernard being the crafty vet he is, tried to bait Floyd in to rising in wait by simply complimenting him high skill level.

“Floyd, his skills are so out there that he can risk going up to 160.”

“It isn’t the weight that is going to win the fight, it’s the skills. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The only guy who is going to beat a guy like Floyd Mayweather is a master chess player. And who is the master chess player? I’ll go back to 160. It’s the biggest old [man] fight. Everyone from the nursing home will be watching.”

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  • Bernard Hopkins vs. Floyd Mayweather, a dream fight that will never happen. Floyd is notorious for ducking boxers. If you don’t believe me, ask Pacquaio and Paul Williams!

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