Callers Complaining About San Fran Marathon Directed To Sex Line

Nike Women's Marathon

To the dismay of area residents, San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon organizers began blasting music and announcements for Sunday’s race at 5:30 am. Those who wanted to launch a complaint called the city’s 311 number and were directed to dial a number that would give them an early morning thrill of another type.

H/T: Fox Sports

That 311 line gave callers the number to Nike’s information line, (800) RUN-NIKE. The only problem? Nike’s line is (866) RUN-NIKE. The other number, it turns out, is a phone sex line.

According to The Associate Press, “311 Director Nancy Alfaro says the wrong number was given out for about a half hour before city officials were alerted.”

Those who called the number were immediately greeted with “unzip that fly, baby.” I’m sure that got people’s attention. I wonder what percentage of the people that called decided to hang on the line a little longer.

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  • Actually it was the Nike Women’s Marathon, also located in San Francisco. The San Francisco Marathon is in July, and is produced by a different company. They probably would prefer if you would remove their logo…

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