Cam Newton Says He Needs To Better Avoid The Rush

Cam Newton Sacked

The Carolina Panthers’ offensive line has been mediocre at best, allowing quarterback Cam Newton to be sacked 15 times in four games. But instead of throwing his offensive line under the bus, which as a quarterback he would never do anyway, Newton has shouldered some of the responsibility for his high sack number.

H/T: The Charlotte Observer

“We’re in it together. And a lot of those sacks, let’s be quite frank, I could have been better,” Newton said. “I could have stepped up in the pocket, I could have thrown the football away, I could have scrambled and made a play. It’s not just pointing those guys out.”

Admirable of Newton to say that and I do think that he needs to be let loose by the coaching staff to create more plays with his legs, but that is no excuse for the shotty way his offensive line has been playing. They made Mario Williams look like Julius Peppers out there.