Caption the Photo: Jameis Winston and the Ladies

Jameis Winston white girls

I hope Jameis’ girlfriend doesn’t see this post. Jesus Shuttlesworth approved.

H/T Terez Owens

7 thoughts on “Caption the Photo: Jameis Winston and the Ladies

  • Very scary coincidence that the girl on the far left looks like Rachel Uchitel and the girl on the far right looks like Kate Faber.

  • This is some Bull****. He’s clearly taking a picture with some fans and you all made a story out of this. You all don’t have anything positive to say about nobody and I’m sure his girlfriend is smart enough to distinguish this!! Messy Asses!!!

  • Black man’s kryptonite times four!

    • Men’s kryptonite bozo. X2 not four.. lol puke to the right

  • he just lost the Heisman.. lol

  • He sexually assaulted them later that night.

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