Caption The Photo: RG3 Wearing A Wig

RGIII Wearing Wig

October is breast cancer awareness month and the NFL has been recognizing it over the last couple of weeks.

Washington Redskins quarterback RGIII and cornerback Josh Wilson decided to wear wigs in support of cancer survivors.  Surprisingly, the wigs don’t look that terrible on them.

Great supportive gesture by these two.

3 thoughts on “Caption The Photo: RG3 Wearing A Wig

  • RG3 better watch out not to become the next dwight howard. his play on the field no longer justifies his off the field jokes and loud style

  • Andre 3000 long lost brother

  • Please! RG can do what he wants whether play is good or bad on field. You can do what you want whether you’re good at work or not why can’t he?

    Live a little and that’s the Truth

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