Carmelo Anthony Says He’s Still Not Over The Pacers Series

Carmelo Anthony hasn't moved on from the Pacers defeat.

It’s difficult to get over a tough playoff defeat, especially when the new season hasn’t officially started.

The typical cliche response would be to move on and get ready for the coming season but Anthony decided to go against the grain.

“I’m not over it. I’m not over it,” Anthony said. “I might act like it’s over but I’m not over it, not at all.”

If you’re a Knicks fan you got to love hearing this from your star. Anthony is at the point of his career where the only thing that matters is that lucrative Larry O’Brien trophy.

One thought on “Carmelo Anthony Says He’s Still Not Over The Pacers Series

  • I can understand it.Chandler had his back out, neck spasms and knee problems and had Hibbert looking like the 2nd coming of Bill Russell.Now everyone thinks they’re the next champions because they took Miami to 7 games.Miami didn’t have a cake walk to the finals and if not for some missed free throws by the Spurs giving them some light they wouldn’t be the champions.

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