Carmelo Anthony to Be a More Vocal Leader This Year

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Not sure what type of leader was before, but now he is ready to step up and lead vocally.

Shortly before training camp, Carmelo Anthony stood in front of his teammates and delivered a message.

“He expressed what he expected from us, and how he sacrificed his whole summer to work hard and lose weight and be in the best shape he’s been in,” J.R. Smith said. “He expects us to do the same thing.” 
“I think he’s been more vocal this year,” the coach said Sunday. 

“When you have your best player on the floor speaking up vocally, guys tend to believe in what he’s saying because he’s been there before,” Smith says. “He’s done everything else in this league except win a championship. I think that’s the thing that’s burning him the most. He’s willing to do whatever.”

Hope Melo told Smith to stop smoking, but I digress.