Chiefs Tamba Hali Leaves $1,000 Tip At A KC Restaurant

Tamba Hali in action

The feeling of winning is simply amazing.

We’ve all experienced it before, when you’re winning everything just seems to be better than usual. The air smells better, food taste better and etc.

Tamba Hali is having that feeling these days. His Kansas City Chiefs are the only undefeated team in football.

The Chiefs sack machine decided to dine at a local restaurant and left them with a $1,000 tip. As you can imagine, the employees were thrilled.

“It made our day. Hands down, it made our day,” server Joshua Roan said. “The staff was over the top. He was the last guest in the building. There was a lot of shouting and hollering after he left. We had to wait until he left. We had to keep it professional.”

It’s a good time to be in Kansas City.