Chip Kelly: Nick Foles Can Be A Full-Time Starter


Michael Vick isn’t rushing back from injury for nothing, he knows the threat that stands before him.

Say what you want about his hair, or funny features, but Nick Foles can throw the football.  Foles will mostly like start for the Eagles on Sunday because of Michael Vick’s hamstring.

The talk around Philadelphia this week has been whether or not Foles would keep the job if he has an outstanding game against the Buccaneers Sunday.

Foles threw for 197 yards and a pair of touchdowns in relief of Vick last Sunday.  Chip Kelly knows he can’t predict the future, but what he does know is that Nick Foles can be a starter in the league according to Birds 24/7. 

“Yeah,” Kelly replied. “I think Nick has the ability to be a starter in this league. We’re excited about him. If the opportunity presents itself on Sunday I’m excited to see Nick out there.”