Chip Kelly Won’t Name Starter At QB

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chip Kelly left the door open early last for Nick Foles to win the Eagles quarterback job if he went 100-100 with 20 touchdowns.

Foles wasn’t perfect Sunday, but he was damn good going 22-31 for 296 yards and four touchdowns.  Foles had a sizzling 133.3 passer rating against a Tampa Bay team that has completely mailed it in.

Foles had perfect day turnover wise, committing an un-Michael Vick like zero turnovers.  Of course the first question Eagles head coach Chip Kelly had to answer was in regard to who was going to be his starter going forward.

Kelly in his naturally stoic manner, wouldn’t commit to either quarterback minutes after the ballgame.

“We’ll evaluate everything. We’ll go back and watch the film.”

Kelly said last week you could never rule anything out, and I think he’ll take the week to figure out which quarterback gives them the best opportunity to win going forward against more inspired competition.