Twitter Thug Calls Chris Broussard a F*ggot; Broussard Says “Come See Me Chump”


Now I can see why as a member of the media, it’s just best to ignore the rude comments you get sometimes.

ESPN’s own Chris Broussard got pulled into the dark side of Twitter Thursday night, and the interaction was too hilarious not to report on.

According to The Big Lead, Broussard was minding his own business, watching Thursday night football when he made this comment about Giants running back Brandon Jacobs.



With it being Twitter, there’s always going to be that one who hops in your mentions and displays ignorance and vulgarity along the way.

Ah, the guy called Broussard that one F-word that is sure to get the blood boiling.  The usually calm and subdued Broussard wasn’t going to let that slide and hit the send button with hilarious response.

chris-broussard Tweet 2

I can’t stop laughing!!!

And Mr. Ron Holiday reportedly thinks he’s a star now.


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