Coach K Says He Has To Work On His “Street Cred”


Mike Krzyzewski is 66 years old and has been coaching for nearly 40 years. He’s arguably the best college coach to ever do it. So, how does Coach K at 66 relate to his student athletes that are almost 50 years younger than him?  Upping his street cred of course.

H/T: Charlotte Observer

“Each year I coach, I try to adapt to the people I’m coaching,” he said. “I’m 66 years old right now. Look, I’m coaching kids that are 18 to 22. I’m 48 years older. I can’t even imagine that. So, how do you talk to them? How do you motivate them? How do you get into their world? It takes a little bit of effort. Every once in a while I text them, I try to find out what current songs are.

“You have to stay up with them because you get your street cred. In my world, I have to work on street cred because I’m an older guy, and when they come they might think I’m a statue in front of Cameron. ‘Yeah, he’s the guy that they publicize, but does he really coach?’ Somehow you have to be human with them.”

Yes you read that right. Coach K works on his street cred.

I think it’s great that Krzyzewski tries to stay as current as possible to relate to his players. Having reporting from the interview room with him, contrary to his appearance on the sidelines, I can confirm that he has a charismatic personality and even cracks jokes. I mean the guy rubs noses with Jay Z and crushes on Beyonce. I’m sure that gets him a few street cred points.