Condi Rice Will Be On College Football Playoff Panel


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to be part of the selection committee that will pick the teams for the College Football Playoff next year, according to an AP source. Rice is currently a professor at Stanford.

She has always been a big sports fan and is one of two female members at Augusta National Gold Course. She even meets with players being recruited to Stanford.

My question about this panel has always been the same. Why the emphasis on people currently affiliated with schools? If you have current professors and ADs of schools deciding on the playoff teams, won’t you naturally have bias in the process? I love the idea of having the playoff but this whole committee has disaster written all over it.

4 thoughts on “Condi Rice Will Be On College Football Playoff Panel

  • The only football experience Condoleeza Rice has is watching the game. It pays to be politically connected.

  • What’s next George W. Bush selected to the playoff committee? Will Condoleeza screw up college football similar to how she helped Bush screw up the country? Next year is going to be such a mess, fans will beg for the BCS to come back.

  • Comment from a blogger at Yahoo, “…she goes from one incompetent administration (Bush 43) to another incompetent administration (NCAA).”

  • Condoleeza Rice is a war criminal who belongs in federal prison along with her boss!

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