Could Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater Be The Giants Next QB?


Who would have ever thought that the New York Giants would be 0-5 and battling with the Jacksonville Jaguars for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Giants picked a unique time to decide to be awful.  They are a really bad team, heading for a top pick in a quarterback dominated draft.

The question now for the Giants who are on the verge of starting over, is what do you do draft wise when you already have a two time super bowl winning quarterback on the roster.

Eli Manning is only 32 years of age and proven, but if you listen to the New York Post, it might be time for Eli to move on.  According to the Post, the temptation to draft Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater or another big named quarterback might be to much to pass up.

If the Giants continue their downward slide, they’d be staring at Jadeveon Clowney, UCLA’s Anthony Barr, and other defenders as a plug in for a lot of glaring holes right now.

But what about a quarterback?

Would the New York Giants take the lead of the Indianapolis Colts and jettison Eli Manning elsewhere for a shot at starting over at a cheaper rate with Bridgewater, Tajh Boyd, or Marcus Mariota?

One thing is for sure, Scouts and execs love Teddy Bridgewater.

“[Bridgewater] is smart, he’s a character guy, he’s poised, he’s got good size, he can make all the throws and he can do it on the run, too,” an NFC general manager told The Post on Monday. “Any team in the top five would take a very long look at him, even if they’ve got a franchise [quarterback] already.”

“You can tell by the way [Bridgewater] plays that he lives in the film room,” an NFC college scout said Monday. “He understands defenses, doesn’t lock into one [receiver] and has good downfield vision. Very impressive kid.”

Some pundits are going to surely roast me for alluding to the Giants making such a move.  It’s definitely a move that has to be considered.

Does the ring protection of two Super Bowls keep Eli Manning safe, or is it time for a total top to bottom makeover for the G-Men?

One thought on “Could Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater Be The Giants Next QB?

  • Situations isnt that dire. At Least on Offense. You have a great QB with a good chemistry with his 2 main WR. The fault is in GM Reece & OC Gilbride. We have no talent at RB & TE due to drafting Wilson late first rd. & letting Bennett leave for the Bears. That and the predictable schemes have caused this O to crash. Now the Defense needs a complete overhaul. Too much focus on the Dline & none on secondary

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