Cowboys Are Sick of Hearing About Peyton Manning

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Cowboys are doing a lot of chirping about the Broncos and Peyton Manning. If this was the playoffs I would say the Cowboys would have a good shot, but since it is the regular season, I don’t think these quotes are going to help.

“I’m sick of hearing about Peyton Manning this and that and that,” said linebacker Ernie Sims, who expects to replace struggling starter Bruce Carter in the lineup Sunday. “We’ve got to go out and do what we’ve got to do. You hear it all the time. Guys walk in the locker room: ‘Peyton Manning threw for four touchdowns, this and that.’ I’m just sick of it.

Before declining to take questions and declaring himself “closed to the media this week,” perennial Pro Bowl pass-rusher DeMarcus Ware said, “All y’all want to do is talk about Peyton Manning.”

Cowboys are acting very Drakish, we will see if they can back up their words.

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