David Pollack Thrown Under the Bus By Chris Fowler About Women on Playoff Committee (Video)

David Pollack Women

Chris Fowler threw Pollack under the bus.

We all knew what Pollack was saying when he went on his rant how he would prefer people who have played football and watch tape to be on the College Football Playoff Committee, but Fowler forced him to admit he didn’t want women on the committee.

Two things, should be noted.

1- Never start a rant with “I am about to put my foot in my mouth.”

2- Fowler should not have brought up women.

I agree 100% with Pollack’s thought process, I don’t think people who are involved in College Football just at a fan level, should be on a College Football Playoff committee.

But, it should never be gender based. Doesn’t matter if it is Condi Rice, George Bush, President Obama or Bill Clinton none of them need to be on the committee.

Unfortunately, people will latch on to the female comment and roast Pollack, I won’t do that, because Fowler baited him into it.

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3 thoughts on “David Pollack Thrown Under the Bus By Chris Fowler About Women on Playoff Committee (Video)

  • I predict on December of next year, fans will be so upset at the college playoff system, they will chant the same infamous statement Jim Mora said back in 2001.

  • I have no problem with Archie Manning on the committee. I have a huge problem with current athletic directors and one war criminal selected to this playoff committee! This has corruption and bias written all over it. The once proud traditions of college football are completely gone; Money, greed and ugly uniforms have taken over.

  • The only name that makes sense about this committee is Archie everybody else suspect. When are they going to address that dumb rule where kids make a hit, its deemed illegal and instead of a penalty the kid gets bounced for the rest of the game.

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