Deion Sanders Being Investigating For Choke Slamming Employee at His School


Deion has started a charter school in Dallas Prime Prep Academy, that he talks about frequently of his Twitter account and in public.

It is his way of giving back to the community and helping kids who might not otherwise get a chance, so he takes what he is doing with the kids very seriously.

If you believe Kevin Jefferson maybe a bit too seriously.

Sanders and other administrators and teachers were meeting and Jefferson said Sanders got upset that some student athletes are not doing well in school academically.

Jefferson told police that he told the suspect not to speak to him that way, according to a police report.

“He walked back to the back of the classroom to where I was sitting in a desk,” Jefferson told our Tanya Eiserer this morning. “As he got closer to me, I stood up because he was kind of standing over me and he just kind of kept talking to me and at me and then he just grabbed me by my throat and kind of threw me to the ground. Some people had to get him off of me.”

Jefferson said he went to the hospital to check on any injuries he might have sustained during the incident.

“I’m going to pursue my options with my attorney,”

Any time the phrase “pursue my options with my attorney” is uttered that means someone is going to get sued. It appears there were a lot of witnesses, so the TRUTH will come out soon enough.

Deion says it was more of a mutual fight, not one sided.

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  • Deion dodged a bullet with his divorce from that video hoe. He better realize that he is a black man in America. If he screws up, Prime Time might do hard time!

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