Deion Sanders On Dez Bryant: He’s The Only One That Plays With Passion


By now I’m sure everyone has seen Dez Bryant’s explosion on the Cowboys sideline Sunday.

Bryant who probably felt he was being upstaged by Calvin Johnson at that point, lit into Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense on the sidelines.  

Bryant then got into it with Cowboys tight end Jason Witten seconds before the game ended.

After having his coach, owner, Romo, and Witten come to his defense, the great Deion Sanders chimed in on “NFL Networks Game Day Highlights.”

His message?

Dez is the only passionate player the Cowboys have.

“He is the only guy on that team that plays with that kind of passion. The only guy,” Sanders said on NFL Network’s “NFL GameDay Highlights. ” … At certain times he shows immaturity. (However), you can’t want the passion, mental toughness and aggressiveness on the field but not want it off the field.

“I guarantee you he is yelling about the way his team is performing … and ball distribution,” Sanders added.  ” … You can’t ask for his passion and intensity in certain areas of the game but not really want it when it is really going down.”

Bryant was visibly upset early in the game about his targets, and was only thrown to six times during the whole ballgame.

Sanders blamed Bryant’s tantrum on his new-found knowledge of the game.

“We don’t give receivers and running backs enough credit (about knowing) the game. When you line up, you know where that ball is supposed to go when you are looking at the defense,” Sanders said. “If that ball is not coming to you when you know it is supposed to be coming to you, oh, we have a problem. It is OK for the quarterback to get on everybody, but not the receiver?”