Derrick Rose Gives Russell Westbrook Rehab Advice

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose has been feeling pretty generous lately. After giving the OKC Thunder buckets last night, 26 points to be exact, the Chicago Bulls point guard also had some advice to give to Russell Westbrook who sat out of the game last night recovering from his latest knee surgery from a torn meniscus. ESPN reports Rose had this to say when asked about fellow point guard Russell Westbrook.

“Take his time. He’s the only one that knows his body. There’s no need to force anything. And attack every day of rehab like it’s your last day. Get everything you [can] get out of it every day”

If I’m Westbrook I’m eating up every word of advice Rose is giving. His injury is not as serious as Rose’s was but it has the potential to get worse if he rushes his return.  Last year Rose received a lot of criticism for deciding to sit out the entire season despite being cleared by team doctors but he has come back even quicker and more athletic than before shutting all of the critics up. His decision to skip a season has made him a better player and as a result, the Bulls a better team. With his return the Bulls have a chance to win the Eastern conference and finally turn the Heat off.

What do you think? With the return of Rose, do the Bulls have a real shot at ending the Miami Heat’s Eastern Conference title winning streak? Or is LeBron James and the Miami Heat just too much for Chicago?