Derrick Rose Says It was a Front Office Decision to Have Him Sit Out Preseason Game



The Bulls front office and coaching staff seem to be having a power struggle. Derrick Rose sat out of a preseason game with what was described as a “sore knee”, but Rose says he was fine and the front office made the call for him to sit.

“My knee was good,” Rose said. “I never was worried about it. I could have played but the front office made a decision to sit me out. “

“It just happened,” he said. “Of course I wouldn’t want it to be sore but it’s just something that happened and I’m all right right now. …

“Going into [the process], you hear about it, but when it actually happened, it surprised everyone. Like I said, I could have played in the game but they made a decision and I just listened to them.”

Rose intends to play in Wednesday’s night preseason game.