Did Pacman Jones threaten To “Come And Get” Jets’ David Nelson At Home?


Adam “Pacman” Jones can be a bit mercurial at times, so I’m sure some parts of the statement he made to Jets wide receiver David Nelson are true regardless of what he says.

According to New York Daily News columnist Manish Mehta, Jones reportedly threatened Nelson, and told him “I’m going to find out where you live and come and get you.”

Jones was reportedly unhappy with several dirty plays Nelson made against him and jawed with Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

“He told me to shut the hell up. It was something like 35-6,” Jones told the Bengals’ website. “[Nelson] was playing dirty. He cut me like four times after the play. Thank God I took my medicine today, I guess, and I didn’t go off. Hopefully he’ll get fined. At least three fines. There were three real cheap shots after the play.”

Kudos to Jones for taking his medication daily, and hopefully this was just all in the heat of the moment conversation, and it stops right there.