Did Stephen A. Smith Drop Another N*gga Please On ESPN’s First Take? (Video)


Stephen A. Smith might want to find a new way to finish his argument’s with Skip Bayless.

Smith likes to use the word “please’ a lot during his arguments on ESPN’s First Take and it’s starting to catch up with him.  During Wednesday’s show Smith and Bayless were having a back and forth about whether or not LeBron James should be ranked ahead of Kevin Durant as the No.1 player in the NBA.

The two men as usual were having a heavy back and forth about drafting big men, and different things like that when it seems Stephen A. may have gotten a little to agitated with Bayless and said “n*gga please, stop it please.”

This is not the first time Stephen A. Smith has been a accused of dropping a N-bomb on national TV, and he stated that he would talk slower, so he wouldn’t confuse anyone.

It is hard to tell if he said it, but he definitely needs to take his own advice, and slow down when he talks.

What do my readers think, did Stephen A. Smith drop another n*gga please on ESPN?

8 thoughts on “Did Stephen A. Smith Drop Another N*gga Please On ESPN’s First Take? (Video)

  • Reminds me of the time Denzel Wahsington said the N word on The Late Show with David Letterman. I have a huge problem when a black person uses that word in front of other races; especially on national tv. My brothers and sisters, it’s not a term of endearment!. ESPN should fire Stephen A Smith immediately!

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