Dwight Howard Booed In Philippines, Fans Chanted ‘Kobe’


Dwight Howard  needs to really think about whether or not he’s build to handle his new role of super villain coming to an arena near you.

Howard and the Rockets were in the Philippines for the first NBA game ever there, and he quickly learned his first lesson as a Rocket.

Asia belongs to Kobe Bryant.

The black Mamba is king and there, and Howard found out the hard way after Filipino fans reportedly booed him, and dropped chants of ‘Kobe’ on him.

During the Rockets’ preseason game on Thursday night against the Indiana Pacers, Howard was on the receiving end of some boos from the crowd at the Mall of Asia Arena.

There were also scattered chants of “Kobe! Kobe!” in reference to Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant, with whom Howard had a clash of personality during his one season stint in Los Angeles.


One thought on “Dwight Howard Booed In Philippines, Fans Chanted ‘Kobe’

  • Music is said to be the “universal” language. With that said, a “weak and fake” demeanor is a universal language, too. The Filipino fans just proved that you don’t have to be an American to see that Dwightmare is indeed weak and fake… so it not just Americans or Laker Nation that can see it!

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