Dwight Howard Didn’t Work With Kareem Because He’s Not a 7-Footer

Dwight Howard Kareem

This was a pretty dumb answer from Dwight on why he refused to help from Kareem while he was on the Lakers.

“People talked about Kareem [Abdul-Jabbar] and working with him,” Howard said. “But I’m not a 7-footer. I felt like working with Kareem, I’d have to change my game. Working with Hakeem – who did it with quickness, speed, explosiveness – that’s more to my game; that’s more where I want to be.

First, Dwight is 6’11” so I don’t even know what that means about not being a 7-footer. Secondly, he speaks like he has post moves like Kevin McHale, maybe just maybe adding something new to his game would make him a better player, but what do I know.