Dwight Howard Ejected From First Game as a Rocket


The refs don’t really respect Dwight Howard, so he gets no rope with them like other star players.


With that being said what exactly is Dwight trying to prove by getting ejected in the first preseason game? He played pretty well in the 27 minutes he was on the court, but settle down Dwight.

One thought on “Dwight Howard Ejected From First Game as a Rocket

  • This is a false report. How is everyone making this mistake when no one actually watched??? I watched. He was not ejected. There was a technical early due to delay of game. It was weird because I guess this year any time a player even taps the ball at all the refs have been told to call delay of game. It was bizarre.

    The second technical was the normal kind. But delay of game T’s dont count towards the “2 and you’re out” rule. The one actual technical he got made no sense either, I guess he was “smiling and looking at the ref” after a defensive 3 seconds call. That was the best the announcers could tell because he didn’t say or do anything. He happened to be subbed out after that and didn’t play in the 4th because it’s the preseason and no one plays their starters all game. Some mistook that for an ejection.

    It really wasn’t a big deal but I guess if it fits the preferred narrative on Dwight, people will just keep spreading this false report to suit their needs. Confirm with anyone who covers the Rockets and they’ll set you straight buddy. Would be nice if some people did a little research.

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