Dwight Howard Says He Might Shoot FTs With His Eyes Closed


Dwight Howard has never been good from the line. In fact the Rockets center has only made 49.2% of his free-throws during his eight year career. But Howard may have found the key to upping his percentage…closing his eyes.

Howard challenged teammate James Harden, who shoots 84.2% from the line, to a free-throw shooting contest with their eyes closed. Dwight won by making an impressive 8 of 10 shots.

Howard practiced shooting free-throws with his eyes closed during the off-season and said he may even start doing it in games.

“There is a guy who has the world record for most free throws made and he told me to do that drill and it’s good for trusting your form,” Howard said, according to the Chronicle. “You can’t see nothing, so you have to trust your form and trust that it goes in.”

“I might have to start [shooting with] my eyes closed in games,” Howard said, according to the Chronicle. “I have a good percentage. I am 8 for 10 with my eyes closed.”

Dwight has set a goal for himself to shoot 75% this season. That’s a big jump from 49 and if closing his eyes helps, why not? It really can’t get much worse.